Four Great Locations


Fort  Smith 

 6201 Hwy 71 South

 Fort  Smith 

 Ph (479) 424-1304

 Hours of Business 

 Mon - Fri

 8.30 AM - 4.30 PM  

 Closed Saturday & Sunday

(Winter Hours)




3106 S Thompson 

 Ph (479) 751-5400

Hours of Business

 Tue - Sat

8.30 AM - 4.30 PM

Closed Sunday & Monday




1011 SE 1st St

Ph (580) 248-7437

 Hours of Business 

 Mon - Sat

 7 AM - 5 PM  


9 AM-5 PM



Wichita Falls

1401 Southwest Parkway

Ph (940) 766-0153

 Hours of Business 

 Mon - Sat

 7 AM - 5 PM  


9 AM-5 PM






Natural Cypress Mulch


Brown Cypress Mulch


Scarlet Red Cedar  


Premier Natural Cedar

Russett Brown Cedar


Shadow Black Hardwood

Imperial Red Hardwood


Suede Brown Hardwood


Premium Natural Hardwood


Elite Top Soil

Gardener's Secret

Mushroom Compost


Select Planter's Mix


Superior Pine Bark Mulch


5/8" to 1/4" Gravel

Masonry Sand 


21/2" Gravel




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Fort Smith - Springdale
Lawton - Wichita Falls


Cedar Mulch Has Unique Advantages
Mulch and More uses the best suppliers of logs to grind premium mulch that you will be proud to use in your home or landscape project. Cedar mulch has great advantages over conventional products, it repels insects and spiders, is slow to degrade and retains moisture essential to healthy plants, trees and shrubs. Mulch and More cedar mulch is available in Premier Natural - Scarlet Red - Russet Brown. Choose from these beautiful cedar mulch colors to add beauty and longevity to your landscape.

All units are a scoop of a loading bucket.