Bulk Mulch

Products:  Scarlet Red Cedar - Premier Natural Cedar - Russett Brown Cedar - Shadow Black Hardwood - Imperial Red Hardwood - Suede Brown Hardwood - Elite Top Soil - Gardener's Secret Mushroom Compost - Select Planter's Mix - Superior Pine Bark Mulch - Bedding Mix - Gravel - Masonry Sand.


Our people are thorough and excel in customer service. Our mulch yard staff (Isaiah & Kaleb) consistently go the extra mile. They take care of any issues and do business the right way. Open Tue - Fri  8:30AM - 4:30PM  Sat Noon  - 5PM.


When we started our first Mulch Yard in 2004 we decided back then the core of our business would always be quality. Soon we recognized that the best quality was not from the highest price producers. We work with all suppliers to keep quality high and we reward them by keeping them busy with our large purchase volume. At Mulch and More quality matters.